hurdy-gurdy library/post 1900 compositions catalogue

This is the starting point for a collection/library/catalogue of compositions for (or including) hurdy-gurdy after ~ 1900.

I want to include WRITTEN MUSIC (in any kind of notation) with a dedicated form, sound or artistic idea using the hurdy-gurdy.

I do NOT want to include:

1. modern melodies out of the modern traditional (dancemusic) movement that can be played on the hurdy-gurdy OR other instruments


2. pieces for "bands" by hurdy gurdy players or other band members for THEIR band, where the composition and arrangement exists (almost)

only in the head of the player AND/OR is bound to a specific equipement used - EXCEPT you or someone considers it as a "hurdy-gurdy piece"

and it can be written down (in whatever notation) to such an extent, that other musicians are able to play the piece only by use of the

score and it will remain the "same" composition.

(A collection of these pieces might be interesting as well, but I'm sure it will be too big to handle for me. Anybody else? ;-)

I want to ask you for your time to send me:

(the more information the better)

- TITLE, COMPOSER, LINE UP (orchestration), DATE (or year of composition), CONTACT details of the composer (or any person who knows more

about the piece), additional info about the idea, performances, recordings (incl. catalogue-numbers), print editions, ...

if possible and available:

- a (paper-)copy of the music OR the contact details of a person owning a copy
- a recording on CD or mp3

of any compositions in your libraries, or that you know of.


I also may ask you to pass this idea on to other hurdy-gurdy players and hurdy-gurdy interested people.
I've created this facebook group page for further exchange.

facebook group

I don't have an exact idea or plan for this collection at the moment, but I believe a collection like this will be useful for somebody someday...

it can be a source for musicians, who want to study the music for hurdy-gurdy.
it can be a source for musicologists interested in the music for hurdy-gurdy.
it can give a picture of the situation of the hurdy-gurdy in modern music today.
it can be used to represent the status of the hurdy-gurdy in the cultural(-political) discussion.

I promise not to perform, record, edit, publish any of the music, you send and will do my best, if somebody wants to perform, record, edit,

publish some of it, he/she will get in contact with the composer. I will provide all collected information to everybody for free for all

time or find somebody else to take care of.

I thank you very much for your time and attention.


Matthias Loibner
Erdbergstraße 74/9
1030 Wien
(+43/0) 664 5052672

thanx for visiting