Brot & Sterne

We have found the name for our trio! "Brot & Sterne" it is.
And we have recorded a CD inspired by autumn impressions. "Tales of Herbst" will be released early this year at traumton.[jan 2017]
There is a music clip of the first piece on the album. Watch and be impressed ;-) FIDIBUS : Crocodü [feb 2015]
...working on a new trio with the aim to temporarely create relaxed space for the music and the listener to arrive, meet and enjoy the sound and the stories behind.
Relaxed friends and co-musicians are Franz Hautzinger (trumpet) and Peter Rosmanith (Hang, Gubal, Percussion) [mar 2014] | | | more...

Ganymed female

I'll be part of "Ganymed fe male" this year at Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien. Together with Agnes Palmisano we approach the painting Die Heilige Katharina von Siena by Giambattista Tiepolo. |

new solo work - Lichtungen

I'm happy to release new compositions for acoustic solo hurdy-gurdy inspired by daily moments of insight. Lichtungen has found a good home at traumton and has been released at nov 13th 2015. [mar 2016] | reviews | more...

Kongress der Autodidakten

Being part of a great team at Residenztheater München, working on a new play with great actors and musician Jürg Kienberger, directed by Corinna von Rad. Will be premiered at 4th of march 2016. [apr 2015] | dates...


Gregor Hilbe & Christian Zehnder have asked me to join their great project. I'm creating fore- and background atmospheres to the sound of mouth blown organ pipes, overtone singing, drumming and electronics. [apr 2015]


Profound sound experience together with the Wiener Choralschola. We share our views of the hard way to paradise. Heavenly ancient versus electronically human - looking very much forward to our first concerts in summer 2014. [mar 2014] | more...

Basel Rajoub Big Band

I was intrigued by the saxophone playing of Basel Rajoub and we have formed a trio together with Andrea Piccioni, whom I know already from playing with Caitriona o'Leary. Great guys, big name for a trio! [mar 2017]
wikipedia: Basel Rajoub |


Inspired by "Der Leiermann", the last song of Schubert's "Winterreise", I have arranged all 24 songs of the cycle by Franz Schubert for voice and hurdy-gurdy. Nataša Mirkovic and me have recorded the complete "Winterreise" in 2010 for the german label Raumklang. Release date was oct/nov 2010 [aug 2011] | more...

Loibner Niggli Zwei

Always a big pleasure to meet Lucas Niggli - on and off stage - for serious vulcano style jamming and some planned and not so planned conversations. .

songs Pepe likes

Joining Christoph Pepe Auer for his new program songs I like with a bunch of friends.

music from the electric mountains

Improvised alpine soundscapes and -streams together with Christof Dienz on the electric zither. | more...

DLM - Duo Loibner Mütter

I have recently started to play music with Bertl Mütter, trombonist and idol from my early days in music. Our sounds seem to like each other. I'm happy to announce it as an ongoing collaboration. [nov 2011] | more...

Ajvar & Sterz

Ajvar & Sterz is a duo program with my favorite singer Nataša Mirkovic. We play songs from the balkans and the alpine countries, which affect us emotionally (which we love;-). In our arrangements for voice and hurdy-gurdy we try to treat the original with care - not to loose the particular character of a song - but also with fun.
The CD "Ajvar & Sterz" was released in summer 2006 and can be ordered at
A CD release concert at Porgy & Bess (Vienna) has been recorded and can be listened to at | | | <stream> | | more...

La Noblesse Rustique

La Noblesse Rustique is dedicated to original compositions for hurdy-gurdy in the 18th century in France by composers such as Dupuits, Bouin, Baton or Ravet. The program is performed by two hurdy-gurdies and basso continuo. The other hurdy-gurdy is played by Canadian singer and instrumentalist Tobie Miller.
Tobie Miller | more...

Fêtes Champêtres

Hopefully repeated experience of french baroque garden party with Lorenz Duftschmid and Armonico Tributo Austria having started at Styiarte and Barockfestival St. Pölten. [apr 2015]

and many others

Lucky to work and play regularly with lots of great musicians and good friends whenever possible, such as:
Benedicte Maurseth, Die Strottern, Caitríona O'Leary, Figura Ensemble, Donauwellenreiter and those who I didn't want to forget. [apr 2015] | | | |

collection of hurdy-gurdy compositions

I'm starting to collect post 1900 compositions for hurdy-gurdy and information about these.
If you know about any pieces please see the following link. [aug 2011]
hurdy-gurdy library


This years program of the jazzbigbandgraz "Urban Folktales...And A Rose!" got recorded on CD and will be released soon. And there are more shows scheduled for 2012. [nov 2011]

Immer noch Sturm

"Immer noch Sturm" is a text by Peter Handke, braught to stage this year for the Salzburger Festspiele, with an ensemble of actors and actresses of the german Thalia Theater Hamburg, directed by Dimiter Gotscheff. I play the music together with old time college Sandy Lopiæiæ. The play will be performed at Thalia Theater Hamburg and at the Burgtheater Wien during this season. [aug 2011] |


"passages" is a collection of solo-hurdy gurdy-pieces originating in atmospheres and traditions I came across on my travels. A CD was released in 2006 as: "Matthias Loibner, Vielle à roue, Autriche" at cinq planètes ( CP07271) and is available at
This album has been choosen for the Austrian Radio 1 (Ö1) Pasticciopreis in september 2006.
The recording was done in a renaissance-castle with the beautiful name "Schloss Tausendlust" in Höllberg close to where I lived.
[oct 2009] | more...

lira organizzata

lira organizzata is a project initiated by the Ensemble Baroque de Limoges with the aim of reconstructing the "organized hurdy-gurdy" in order to perform and record the works by Haydn, Pleyel, Orgitano and others for this rare and complex instrument. Two instruments have been successfully made by Wolfgang Weichselbaumer in 2004. A first CD with works by J. Haydn for two lire organizzate is released at laborie classic and alredy awarded with the "Choc du Monde de la Musique".
We have finished the recordings for a second album with only pieces for the lira organizzata (Haydn, Anonymous [the so called Mozart or "concerto di napoli"], Orgitano). They should be released around new year 2010.
[oct 2009]
new sound samples | | |


the TIMEPROJECT is a huge live-music installation with the objective of looking beyond the edge of time. Four bands from the north, east, south and west of Europe come together in the open air to overcome - together with the audience - those fundamental physical and cultural laws governing duration and distance on the quest for new dimensions and expierences.
The bands are Snö (SE), Mitsoura (HU), Palyrria (GR) and familha artus (FR).
The world premiere of the timeproject took place in june 2008 at the Oerol festival in the Netherlands. Another show took place in Graz, Austria at la strada, 6th to 8th of august 2008. I'm sure there will be a next time.
"timeproject" is a coproduction with IN SITU - the European network for artistic creation in public areas, financed with the support of the European Commission, La Strada in Graz, Austria and the Terschelling‘s Oerol Festival.
[oct 09]
Snö | | | | Oerol | la strada | in-situ | more...


Zykado is a duo with my favorite percussionist Tunji Beier [southindian percussion, drums, noise] and me, trying to explore the borders of improvised music. We are both using live looping tools in our performances.
Our new CD with recordings from various places in Austria is finished and now available at Thanks to our friends at
We have taken part in sloppy seconds, which we think is a funny idea. We admitted a 10th of a second excerpt of each of the 10 numbers on our CD.
[feb 07] | | | | sloppy seconds | more...